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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Is there anything more surprising than realizing you've been wearing the wrong bra size for the past two years? I mean come on, it's only OTHER people who do such things.

We've all heard the statistic....over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size (or something like that). But seriously, not me. WRONG. Once again.

You see, my entire life barring pregnancy & nursing I've always been a 34B. Not that I've ever been measured or anything, but when I would try that size on I wasn't falling out the top, or having empty cups wrinkling through my shirt. So it was....34B.

And up until my birthday I though I was still a 34B. I kind of noticed my boobs falling out the top, but that's cleavage, right? And those angry looking red welts at the end of the day? Ah, my straps must be too tight.

Well, the dear hubby bought me a new bra for my birthday. A 34C. And whaddya know. No more falling out. No more angry red marks. It actually fits. I AM A 34C. Now, do you remember back in the junior/high school days when that would have been a dream. I always had two strategically placed mosquito bites, carefully covered by my white AA training bra with a bow in the middle that stuck out further than the mosquito bites. When I finally reached a decent bra size at 16 I was in heaven. However a 34C seemed totally unattainable.

If only I had known then the sagginess & bagginess that comes along with big boobs. Give me back the AA's.

Have I frightened ya'll away yet with way too much information?! I am just amazed at how comfortable a bra can be! It blows the mind.

Onto knitting. I like to knit socks for people, it's my thing. I have only made myself one pair, but that's because it's just not as fun to make socks for yourself. Sweaters, purses, cami's? Fun. Socks for ones self? Not.

So I started a little project to make socks for my parents. My mom loves homemade socks, and my dad...well, he just doesn't know how TRULY WONDERFUL they are, yet. He'll learn. I finished one sock for my mom, and had almost a sock done for my dad. I joked that they'd each get one and take turns wearing the mismatched pair. They looked at me and said HA, get working woman.

So I worked away until I though my dad's socks were ready for the toe decreases. I made him take off his shoe & sock to try the thing on, and the first words out of his mouth? Not, "oh wow, how nice!" Nope. He grabbed the very top of the sock and pulled it out. "This part is too loose."

For any of you who are not sock knitters, to get to the top you have to take out the whole damn thing. I pulled it off his foot and started ripping away. Frog city, here comes a sock just for you. When he realized what I was doing he made a mad dash for the sock, trying to save what was left, yelling the whole time "I was kidding Sam!" "It's fine!" Too late dear daddy.

So late last night I finished the revamped smaller sock, and I started it's mate this morning. I just dare him to say it doesn't fit.


  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger Suzanne said…

    Oh dear! Poor you! Poor dad. Well, that's what he gets for saying anything about the sock. I hope you didn't have to rip the whole thing back...could you just add some stitches along the way to widen the top or reknit the top a bit more loosely?

    I don't even want to talk about boobs. They're like independant creature with their own growth/movement cycle. Hey - at least you can buy a ton of cute new bras now. :)

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