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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Yes, it's official. I'm a horrible person. I mean blogger. I can't believe this, but I took a day off yesterday. And I can't write much today. I'm actually doing something at work, that's well, productive. I mean, more so than usual of course. Heh. That's called job security.

I lost a damn dpn and I can't work on my sock anymore until I get another one and it's bugging the heck out of me. Seriously driving me nuts. I had to go to bed at 9:15 last night because all I could do was sit there and think about it. And search every nook & cranny in between my car and the house. I threw things all over, I made faces, I swore up a storm, and then I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. Who knew loosing a little knitting needle could do such things to a person?!

Back to work. Just had to update! I was even thinking this morning that this is my first day without reading the Yarn Harlot I've had since I found her. Now that's serious business.


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