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Friday, June 24, 2005


It really is Friday, right? And if it's not, please don't ruin my day by telling me it's not. I'm sure work'll give me a call tomorrow morning and tell me to get my butt in if it's really Thursday today.

I used to be able to keep track of my days based on garbage day. And then one day I came home to find a huge sticker plastered all over the garbage & recycling cans. My first thought was oh CRAP, we forgot to pay the garbage bill again and they're threatening to take away our cans. And then I noticed everyone's cans had stickers on them. We all couldn't have forgotten to pay, could we? Nope. Whew. They were just telling us they were changing pickup day.


Garbage day is how I keep track of my week. When I pull out of the driveway on Tuesday morning and see everyone else's cans out there (and mine still up against the house) I get to silently cuss out the hubby, hope to god he remembers to take them out, and remind myself that it is indeed Tuesday. I have even been known occasionally to stop the car, and pull the garbage cans to the road in my dress & heels swearing quite loudly. The kids walking on their way to school get their excitement for the day just by walking by my house on those mornings.

But enough talk about trash. Just tell me it really is Friday and I'll be happy.

You all left me in your comments yesterday a whole box of m & m's, fifteen bags of Skittles, and 3 Snickers bars. Did I mention I love comments? Hehehe. I'm a dork.

This morning a very funny thing happened. The morning is my time without the turdie running around and harrassing me for food/water/play/tv/games...etc. I usually peek in on him and let the dog escape when I wake up. His door has a damn quirky thing though, if you shut it all the way and then try to open in all occupants of the house start looking around for the recycling truck going by. It's that loud. So we have to have the let the door just TOUCH the frame, but not an inch further or else the whole house starts vibrating. And it's LOUD people.

So I peek in the crack today and see Toby preparing to lay down in his bed. The dog cannot simply just plop down like I would choose to do if I were a dog. No. He has to circle. And circle. And circle, circle, circle. And circle once more for good luck. And then he curls up into the smallest ball possible and finally his little stumpy legs give out and he puddles down. Well, I'm watching the circling, and then I notice Drake. He's turning. And rolling. And turning. And rolling. They're almost in unison. Toby circles, Drake turns. Toby circles, Drake rolls.

And they keep doing this until Toby finally lays down. Drake settles down and relaxes back into sleep. Now this sort of freaks me out. Do they have some subliminal text going back and forth in their brains. TURN. CIRCLE. ROLL. CIRCLE. Are they like the women living in the same house who get their periods at exactly the same time? I dunno. But I'll keep you updated on my theory.

Onto knitting news. You know, I've decided I need to learn how to make a sock from the toe up. Because this whole getting almost finished with the sock & realizing you don't have enough yarn to finish? SUCKS. I was so damn close to finishing too. I'm a tad scared my mom is going to end up with an anklet sock as I keep having to make it shorter and shorter. I guess that's what happens when you have size 9 feet. I was lucky enough to not get her shoe size, so 2 skeins of yarn is plenty of yarn for my socks. I guess I forgot to factor in the extra shoe sizes when buying the yarn.

And I'm not giving in to the evil plan by the yarn manufacturers to buy another $10 skein, so i'm just going to keep making it shorter until I have enough yarn. HA. Fooled them.

That is unless my mom ends up with an ankle warmer. And then I'll have to give in, admit defeat, and buy another damn skein.


  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Suzanne said…

    HEHEHE! I know what you mean about the garbage days. TGIF for no other reason than the egg yolks we threw out on Sunday are making the trash bery ripe. Hey - if you have any tips while you're learning toe-up socks, let me know. Running out of yarn with 4 decrease rows left to go really really really DOES suck. Not that anything like that ever happens to me. ;)

  • At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Jodi said…

    LOL! I'm totally picturing you dragging the cans out to the street cussing in your heels -- as long as they aren't the strappy ones that also cause blisters!

  • At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Mary Fran said…

    Around here, since Tommy goes to school T-W-Th, Tuesdays seem like Mondays to me and Thursdays seem like Fridays. Makes for a nice long weekend, but I'm always confused as to what day of the week it really is LOL.

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Katy said…

    Toe-up is the way to go. I found lots of good websites a couple years ago when I made my one pair of socks. :)
    Trash day is Wednesday here. And they better never change it!

  • At 5:26 PM, Anonymous debbi said…

    lol, we are lucky, are neighbor is a trash guy, so if we miss our trash day then he picks it up on his lunch breaks on Thursdays.

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