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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Um, yeah....HI

There is absolutely no excuse for not writing for ohhh....A YEAR. None. I am sitting here on the floor with my laptop and suddenly I had a post forming in my head. And I realized that I do have a sad, sad, ignored blog out there just waiting for such a thing. Boy #2 otherwise known as Declan is trying to eat the USB plug-in and is closing in on 9 months. 9 much more enjoyable months than those spent in the tummy. He is an absolute joy. I'll post pictures once I get more accustomed to writing on this thing again. And that will hopefully be soon.

Life is very different than it was the last time I wrote, and by different I mean MUCH BETTER. I no longer work at a brain sucking job, hauling around an enormous belly and trying my hardest to keep the boy #1 happy and well adjusted. He is now happy and well adjusted because his mom and dad are. I am doing a bit of consulting and working from home, but it is because I WANT TO. I am sad I let an awful job control my life like it did. I am sad I let it undermine my self confidence and doubt my abilities. Because I am damn good at what I do.

My days are now somewhat lazy and busy and shower-less but that's only because I am so caught up in keeping little man entertained it makes me forget about all the other less important things. And knitting does not fall in that category of less important things. Cooking dinner? It does. While I might have been absent from the good old blog most definitely does not mean I've been absent from knitting. I have been a knitting fool. You thought I was talenting because I could drive and knit? Try breastfeeding a squirmy baby, watching What Not to Wear AND knitting. At the same time.

Because I am adamently schedule-less I make no promises as to the regularity of my posting I will try my hardest to post more.

It feels good, I miss it.


  • At 11:03 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    There you are!! I was just thinking of you last week -- looking at my blogroll, dontcha know -- and wondering what was up with you and your family. I'm glad to hear all is well and I love Boy #2's name. :)


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