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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wanna hear something sad?

One day a few months ago I got up the courage to clean out the fridge. And I mean clean. When I was all finished I looked inside and laughed. We had a sparkling clean fridge...with nothing in it. I pulled the hubby in the kitchen to show him "Wanna see something sad?"

Later that day we had friends come over and as soon as they stepped in the door Drake pulled them aside and said "Wanna see something SAD??" He lead them over to the fridge, flung the door open, and stood there with the SADDEST LOOK EVER on his little face. I could have died. Bree VanDecamp would have had a great cover up, but I just stood there with my jaw on the floor laughing. Thank god they did too.

That's like today. I finally decided, goddamnit I need to post ,and my last post was in like NOVEMBER. Does anyone still remember little old me? Except, well, I'm not so little anymore. Or skinny. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant with a stomach that runs into everything and the other night the hubby told me my thighs were getting a little "thick." He says they're still "small-medium" but we all know where that's heading. You see, I've spent almost my entire life up until this point at right around 100 pounds. And I'm 5'8. So when I hopped on the scale at my doctors and it said 144 I told them to recheck....NO FUCKING WAY!!! Way. So I figured heck, I might as well embrace it. You'd be amazing how quickly I can crush a box for recycling. I used to have to take it outside and jump up and down on it. Now with one crushing blow of my foot the thing is flat.

We have nicknamed this kiddo "Ty-rone" and you have to say it just like that. We really do have a very nice name all picked out, but you see, I'm not telling anyone. Nope. Can't get it out of me. I learned last time that no matter what name you choose everyone has something to say about it. And then I don't like the name anymore. And then I have to cry to the hubby about how it's all wrong. And then we have to pick a new name. And that SUCKS. And besides, how much fun is it to yell "Ty-RONE" with a southern accent.

Believe it or not, my extra room is littered with itty bitty baby socks, and pants and hats...all knitted I might add. I've been going nuts. Did you know you can turn out a pair of baby socks in like 3.5 minutes? Good god, it's insane!!! The only problem seems to be I can't quite remember how SMALL these things are when they come out. I mean, I know somewhere around 6-10 pounds, but small are their little feet? Really?? I keep pumping things out and then the hubby looks at me like I'm TOTALLY INSANE. And then he tells Drake to put it on....and it fits. So obviously they are smaller than I'm thinking.

Anyone have a bebe you want to let me borrow for a few hours? I promise not to poke or otherwise agitate the little guy (or girl)


  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    Aw, honey, I've been wondering about you. Glad to "see" you. Love your stories about Drake and pregnancy. I hope the next several weeks go well and you'll have your own tiny feet to fill those socks soon enough. :)

  • At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Debbi said…

    Great to see you posting again! I can't wait to see this baby ;-)

    Post some pictures of what you have knitted, I would love to see them. And how did 7.5 months go by so quickly?

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