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Friday, February 10, 2006

With big kicks and bumps and all kinds of bad tricks....

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I found this so takes the words from your blog and puts them into this spiffy can think
these guys for it.

I also find it very interesting the things people search for in google. For instance I have been hit by many many horny teenagers looking for "Girls Skinny Dipping" " Skinny hot girls" "Skinny girls with big boobs" and the best? "Skinny girls with breastpumps." HA....I bet they were frightened when a KNITTING blog came up.

My favorite word right now from above? Mom. Lately I'm really feeling like one. I've come to the early conclusion that things change when you have two. One is portable. Drake's always up for a late night run to DQ if there's a blizzard involved. He's just as happy camping out at his desk eating dinner as he is at a table. He goes eagerly to all our friends houses and entertains himself by playing cars/trains/planes, torturing their dogs by playing frisbee & ball for hours, and then falling asleep on their couch if he finds himself too sleepy.

I am not a mom with a Mary Poppins purse. If Drake finds himself hungry/thirsty/bored when we are out, it's pretty much tough shit. He's learned his mom won't pull a juice box & granola bar out of her little purse. His mom says wait till we get's won't be much longer. And if it does end up being much longer I can easily be suckered into a milkshake or stop at Cold Stone. No, he does not have it rough.

I have a feeling that all this will have to change with two. I guess I'm going to have to up the purse size because I can barely fit my cell phone in there let alone a diaper. And I AM NOT carrying a diaper bag. Nope. Wanna know why? I have a secret desire to be a MILF. You heard me. You know, those moms who everyone oogled at on the bus when they came to pick up their kid? We would sit with our noses pressed against the grimy window to catch a glimpse of what color they had their nails painted that day, and how they walked just so, their hips swinging slightly under the strain of the skin tight jeans. The hubby thinks I've gone too far with this one, and I'll embarass Drake, but we all need something to dream about, right?

And yes, MILF's do too knit.

Mr. TY-rone is growing along at such alarming speed that I feel like my stomach is no longer a part of me. I can be sitting, reading a book, minding my own business when suddenly a leg kicks up so violently it knocks the book right over. How weird is that. I was doing actually pretty good with enjoying being pregnant until yesterday. Yesterday WAS IT. I am sick and tired of being pregnant. I am done with pulling my shirts down constantly lest I risk flashing my office mates with a strip of white I am positive they have no desire to see. I am sick of climbing into bed all ready to pass out and being terrorized by someone who decided it's time for a little game of "kick mama in the ribs until she cries." I am tired of sitting down and having something insisting on sitting my lap.

Everyone says that once the babe drops it gets more comfortable. I beg to differ. Once the babe drops you now have a head between your legs. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of feeling such a thing imagine attaching a bowling ball to your crotch and take a walk around the block. You tell me know it feels. And because I grow extra special large babes he still has the magic ability to kick me in the ribs. That is talent.

I am getting very excited to meet the little guy. In my head he'll come out looking exactly like Drake did, and we'll just have two of them. Realistically I know that can't be, but I have a feeling I'll be shocked when I see him, because he won't be what I'm expecting. My very nice midwifes moved my due date up by two weeks, because it appears it's been wrong the whole freakin time. The good news about that? I'm now 35 weeks and counting.

Right now I'm working on.....

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Just imagine it in deep blue and sunny yellow. Too CUTE. I've made the sweater almost twice. Unfortunately all I have to show for it is 1/2 a sweater. I was at my mom's happily knitting away watching the superbowl and munching on fried chicken when she RUINED it all by saying it was huge. I held it up to Drake's stomach and it indeed was huge. Babies in Norway must be gigantic, because I'm having to make the 3 month size to be worn by my babe when he's hopefully around 9 months.


  • At 1:53 PM, Anonymous debbi said…

    I can't believe you are at 35 weeks already! WOW...

    And yes, I am sure having a second will add a little more to going out, but you have done such a wonderful job with Drake, I am sure you will do a wonderful job with this one too. I firmly believe we make our kids "portable" by taking them everywhere.

    Hope the last few goes go quickly! Hugs to everyone!

  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger Katy said…

    You're almost there! Trust me--in about eight weeks there will be days when you wish that you were still pregnant, b/c at least the baby wasn't screaming while he was in utero. ;)
    Seriously--it's true that two kids is about five times as much work, but a million times more fun.
    And that's a very cute sweater.
    Where's the big belly pic???

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