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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You choose

One of the joys of having small children is knitting them things. Because, you see, they are small, and so whatever you knit for them is small. And it takes a hell of a lot less time than a sweater for a man with a chest the size of my car.

So I regularly take requests from Mr. Drake, and he's even so kind as to help pick out the yarn. So it was no surprise when this week he came up and told me he wants me to make him a sweater. I must say I was a little surprised when I asked him what he wants it to look like and he grabbed my hand and lead me into the bathroom. And I was shocked when he reached in the linen closet and pulled out a towel.

And not just any towel. Oh, no.

This towel is a hideous gift from the MIL, a CABLED TOWEL. You heard me right. On one side the cables stick out in great tufts of terry, and on the other they are bald. I won't even go into detail why we rarely use this towel to actually DRY OFF, the word bald should just do the trick. And did she give us one of these towels? Nope, we own two of the great beauties.

They are usually hidden deep in the linen closet, behind the towels we use to dry off the dog. But when we get desperate (or when mama goes on a laundry strike) we have to resort to these towels, and it was during one of those desperate times that Drake discovered them. It was love at first sight. He loves the tackyness of them, tracing the lines of the bald cable with his fingers.

And now he wants a sweater designed after them. So being the dutiful mama I am, I pulled out the big book of Aran's and he found the perfect sweater in there. I used to really, really dislike Aran's. But lately, I've had a change of mind. They're really quite beautiful. But you know, I really prefer to knit stockinette, or ribing, or simple things. Because then I can do other things at the same time, such as, well....

1. Drive
2. Watch t.v.
3. Carry on full conversations
4. Read
5. Stuff my face

That's a pretty damn strong case for simple, eh?


  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Suzanne said…

    heheh. Sweet Drake. Well, a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do. What yarn are you going to use for the terry cable sweater?!

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Sam said…

    I live it Suzanne! You already gave the yet to be sweater a name...the Terry Cable Sweater. How official. heheheh

    I'm thinking Cascade 220 superwash...comes in lots of colors, can be washed & hold up, and is fairly cheap. :)

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Sam said…

    Oh God. I made a spelling mistake IN MY OWN COMMENTS. I meant LOVE!

  • At 10:04 AM, Blogger Liberty's Yarn said…

    That is so sweet! Your son has very sophisticated tastes if he is asking for an Aran. My DS would want sponge bob or Spiderman. :-)

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