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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


This morning in my haze of blissful sleep I pushed snooze...oohhh approximately 7 times. And then I turned the alarm off, STOP BOTHERING ME damn alarm. Sleep....ahhh, sleep. Sleep is good.

And then I awoke to a very different sort of buzz. It was definitely an alarm, but surprisingly not mine. Of course my instict was still to jump out of bed and hit the snooze button. You see, my alarm cannot be next to the bed or I will turn it off in my sleep. Talent I tell you. So it has to be waaayyy on the other side of the room. So I actually have to get my butt out of the warm cozy bed and hit snooze. And sometimes I still manage to do that in my sleep. But much less often. When I jumped out of bed to make the mysterious buzzing my alarm seemed to be making stop, only to discover that it was hubby's alarm, I knew I was in trouble.

We have a little schedule in our family. I go into work at the butt crack of dawn and hubby goes in later so that Drake doesn't have to be in preschool for quite so long. Now that I'm thinking about it, why I volunteered to take the morning schedule is beyond me. I probably agreed one morning when I was still in my daily daze.

So today was not a day for showers. After taking only a few minutes to get ready this morning I started thinking I need to do this more often. Who needs showers?

When Drake ran into the room right after the alarm went off, I had a momentary shock as I have had the past few mornings.


Take a look

Image hosted by

And I have nobody to blame but myself.

He has been begging for a mohawk for the past week or so. A few kids have them at his school and he thinks they're too freakin cool. (Also, please ignore the horrendous mess in the background. It was Saturday at 5 pm and by that time on a weekend the house is usually trashed and ready for clean up Sunday) So I took him outside and bared my scissors. One of my favorite Chris Rock lines is "Why is it, that as soon as you have a kid you suddenly become a barber also?" So true.

I figure we'll get it out of his system so when he turns 16 he'll already have been there, done that. I'm also hoping that he'll get sick of it in a few days. I'm dreading taking him shopping and being glared at.

Some great knitting news is that I FINALLY finished my

After 3 tries. I still have to do the crochet edging, as who the heck has a size 3.25mm crochet hook just sitting around. Not me. So I'll run and get one today to hopefully finish it up tonight. I still have to block it also, and I'm hoping it'll expand a bit. Otherwise I'll have yet again made a too small shirt. Not the first time, and I'm sure not the last. I seem to forget that I've gained 20 pounds in the last year, and have to suck in everything just to zip, button, or put on any clothes that I haven't bought recently in my bigger size. In my mind I'm still a size xs. HA, my body laughs. It's like my aunt who weights around 200 lbs, but still thinks she's a size two, and oddly enough still tries to stuff herself into a size two. Not pretty.

I'm happy in my new fuller body, but my brain just doesn't quite get the message yet. I still naturally cast on the smallest number of stitches given for a pattern. So, poor Soliel is in for some vigorous blocking. It's 100% cotton so I think it'll have some stretch & give. Wish me luck.

Otherwise I might just show up to work tomorrow with my midrift a bare. And surely frighten some people.


  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger Katy said…

    Wow. You are a very cool mom to let Drake have a mohawk. ;)
    And if that's your house when it's a mess, I'd hate to have you come to my house!

  • At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Debbi said…

    OMG! He looks so cute!! and I agree with Katy, obviously you haven't been in my house lol

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