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Monday, June 20, 2005


Father's Day only comes once a year, and man am I glad. It's a lot of work to make it a great day, you know? I didn't get to go see my dad, but I did give him a call and chatted at him. He said he was going to go hit a bucket of golf balls at the local range (my dad who does NOT golf! LOL) so I told him to send me the bill and I'd take care of it. We all do what we can.

But my pops really is the greatest guy. I know he'll never read this because he has no idea how these computers work. You say mouse and he gets a gleam in his eye and starts looking for the mouse trap to set out. He's a builder. He makes amazing things out of wood, things that blow your mind they're so incredible.

I have admired him my entire life, I remember loving every minute I got to spend with him when we were kids. He would take us all to play baseball or football and then hear us silently pleading to stop for ice cream on the way home. And he'd stop.

He worked full time and then he'd get up at 3 in the morning to cut firewood so we could have a house to live in and a mom that stayed home with us. And never complained about it. He always made things happen, and we never realized how little they skimmed by on.

He fully believes in me and encourages me to do anything I put my mind to. He is honest, kind, and giving. He would do anything for his family, and has proved that to us many times.

Can you tell I love my dad?

My hubby is also a wonderful dad and he deserves a few words also. He very well could find this one day and read it all up. I haven't told him I have a blog....because well, he'd probably think it was dorky. But HE is a computer geek so maybe not. I don't have a problem with him reading it, but it is more for me than him so for right now I haven't sent him an email with the link. Maybe one day.

My hubby is the kind of guy who takes parenting very seriously. He is a great father, and Drake adores him. Drake wants to do everything the hubby does, down to wearing the same color shirts. We are quite young parents, but hubby jumped right in, even changing the first few diapers and helping me learn how to.

He loves Drake more than you could ever imagine and loves teaching him new things. He will sit down with him and explain how things work for
hours, instead of giving him the "because" answer. I love that about him.

He cares who Drake will grow up to be and works hard to make sure he'll be a good person, but not what we want him to be.

He makes me a better parent. He is an amazing father and one day Drake will grow up to realize that.

Yesterday we went on a train ride to celebrate. We live only about 20 miles from a historic train route. And anyone who knows or has met my Drake knows he LOVES trains. If there's anything to make you believe in past lives it's his unexplainable love of trains. He's loved them since he could talk. He can tell you exactly what kind of train a certain one is, and what it's used for. His aspiration for growing up? To be a crane train driver. And when he wants to sleep he'll let us drive the thing. He has no doubt we'd love to. Heh.

It was a beautiful day here in the Seattle area, sunny, warm, and clear blue skies. We walked up and down the aisles on the train looking for the perfect seats for our adventure. We found what looked like an old freight car with open sides and four seats scattered about. We instantly jumped in before anyone else could claim them.

There was a nice cool breeze blowing through there and we didn't have to be careful not to elbow the person next to us. It was wonderful. The train takes you up to the next little town and then back down past where you started from to these
amazing waterfalls. I had snuck my walled out of my purse and replaced it with sock knitting when hubby wasn't looking so he was shocked when I pulled it out on the train.

He was TOTALLY HORRIFIED that I brought knitting on a sightseeing trip. I tried explaining that it helps me absorb the experience, but he wasn't going for it. It did help keep people from coming too close to me as they peered at my sharp needles poking out from all directions of my sock. See, knitting's good for more than just wearing. SCARING SMALL CHILDREN. Now, that's talent.

All in all, a fabulous day. I even have pictures to prove it. On hubby's phone. One day I'll swipe it and post em.


  • At 12:16 PM, Blogger Stalker Angie said…

    Sounds like you had one heck of a glorious day! Someday men will realize that yarn makes everything better. Well, most things anyway. ;-)

    Have a greatd day!

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