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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Now I understand. I understand why my boss had that omgeverythingishappeningtoofast look on her face all day. Because OMG EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING TOO FAST. Wire deadline? 1 pm. Time given to send wire? 12:30. Have I ever sent a wire before? Uh, no. But I sure as hell figured it out. All the while tuning out everything everyone else was saying to me between 12:30 and 1:00.

So after the successful wire I had to retrace my steps and ask everyone to repeat themselves....oohh they just lurved me.

Before my hectic day started I pulled into my parking garage, stashing my sock I had been knitting on (yes, while driving). In the gloom I see one stinking dropped stitch. GRRRR. These socks are out to get me I tell you.

Yesterday I had to bring them in from the car because one needle had 23 stitches on it and the other? 17. And the good part? They're both supposed to have 20. They are fab grey wool knit on itty bitty size 0 dpns and they're for my hubby, who reminds me daily that he's waiting for his socks. Yet, I know as soon as they are finished he'll wear them for one day and then be stashed in his sock drawer never to be seen again. It won't be the first time. But it's the though that counts, right?

So even the drive home isn't going to be any fun because I have to deal with that damn dropped stitch. Can't these socks just behave themselves? I can promise to post a picture tomorrow, but knowing me, it'll be a while. Still, I'll try! Promise!

And my little man has been a bear lately. One minute he's telling me "You know what mama? I'll love you forever." And the next "You're not my friend anymore, EVER!" If there were 5 words I could ban from the english language they'd be "You're not my friend anymore." That phrase drives me nuts. How many people would put up with hearing that and then turn around and wipe the offenders ass? Literally.

But he sure does keep me entertained. For hubby's birthday he went shopping with me for presents and I was quite worried he'd tell him what they all were. I figured I'd better threaten him, and it'd better be a good one. The best I could come up with was no presents for the child on his birthday if he told. He thought about that for a minute and looked at me very seriously asking -

"Will I still get cake?"

He was making sure about this one. Nope, no cake I told him. He though about it for a few more minutes weighing the consequences with the fun of telling daddy.

"Okay, I won't tell" he informed me reluctantly. And he didn't! Now that's a kid who takes a threat seriously.


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