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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bad pictures & new opportunities

If you were to sit down (or perhaps be knocked down & handcuffed as you are forced to exclaim how simply WONDERFUL we look in all our pictures, as I prefer) you would see some great pictures. Ones where my son is carefully posed behind the petal of a tulip, so you can just see his face in profile. Or where his impish grin is captured perfectly.

And then there are the ones where his forehead mysteriously disappears. Or his legs are somehow shortened right to the knee. And then you begin to see a pattern. I am in the perfectly captured pictures. I am not in the forehead misplacement pictures. I AM A HORRIBLE PICTURE TAKER. I don't even dare use the word photographer. Picture taker is too nice of a phrase for me. Evidence you ask?


Image hosted by

That should do it.

But do please notice the perfectly matching stripes. I went through half a ball of sock yarn to ensure they matched perfectly. I know my four year old won't appreciate it, so please, PLEASE do it for him. I need some validation for my obsessive need to match stripes. No more self striping sock yarn for me. HA. Self striping my ass. In all the wrong places. Blue stripe? Not. yet. It must be a green stripe. GREEN STRIPE COMES NEXT YOU (*&%*&$ SOCK YARN.

Enough about that. I can feel my blood pressure shooting up just thinking about the audicity of the sock yarn. GREEN STRIPE. Whew. I feel better.

So yesterday my boss walks into my office. Have I mentioned I love my boss? Well, I do. She's wonderful. I work in a very small office, with just 7 people. But boy do we work. It's very demanding & high pressure....I love it. She lowered her voice and told me she had something to tell me. Crap. That is never a good sign. Turns out she's leaving for a new position in 10 days. Ten freakin days. I'm excited because it means new opportunities for me. I'll be moving on up. But it also means lots of work. Did I mention LOTS?

I guess I should just break it to you right now. I'm a type A++++ personality. I thrive on a challenge and love to work hard. I'm torn though between being a great mom, and having a great career. Isn't every working mom? How do you balance those two? Is there some magic secret nobody's bothered to tell me? Come on....break it to me.

I promise I won't tell.


  • At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    I say settle for a mediocre job and half a dog. That's how TMK and I do it. ;-)

  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger Stalker Angie said…

    Wow...I'm impressed you got the whole sock in. I have this tendancy to zoom in REALLY close. It's ummm...all about the details. Yeah. In my photos you can see how the freakin yarn was spun. So don't feel so bad.

    Ryan, that's why I have miniature dogs. I can zoom in uber close and still get the whole dog. And their eyelashes. And any flea in the vicinity of said dog. Uh huh.

    Have a great day Sam! And thanks for stalking Ms. Ryan and TMK for me this weekend. :o)

  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger Katy said…

    Ooh, you need to check out Teresa's blog, Knitting The Blues. The two of you have the same love/hate relationship with striping sock yarn.
    But the socks look great!


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