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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nap Time

Doesn't that just evoke calming images, peaceful babes sleeping with their eyes tightly shut? Apparently you've never been to my house. This nap time thing is highly overrated. Because IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. And when it does it's such a screaming, kicking, eye gouging mess I usually end up needing a nap. I don't think Declan ever got the memo that babies are supposed to nap. They need the sleep. NEED.

He's always more than happy to fall asleep breastfeeding. Ahhh....milk. He'll even sleep while I tiptoe into his room. But the second I bend over to lay him down in his crib those big eyes pop open, the bottom lip drops and the screaming begins. So being the nice mommy I am I thought, okay, I'll just pick him back up and cuddle him till he falls asleep again and then lay him down. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Because the picking up, cuddling, laying back down, and ensuing screaming never stops.

He's playing games with me.

Oh, but that screaming, it rips my heart out. We've finally come to a happy medium. I stand next to him with my hand on his belly while he flails about, kicking, screaming, and scratching his face & my hands. But eventually he falls asleep. And usually stays asleep for a good 45 minutes. Never mind it takes us about that long to get him knocked out. *sigh*

But those 45 minutes are blissful. I run around doing all the things I can't do with a babe attached to one hip. Fun things. Like laundry. And dishes. And I sometimes manage to get a little spinning thrown in there. By the way, she now has a name. My spinning wheel that is. I've decided my house is already overrun with boys, no need to throw another one in there. And so she's a SHE. And her name is Gwen. Short for Gwendolyn. Very medievil & fitting, no?

I finally finished this:

It's Chicago from Rowan 37, made in very yummy Calmer. I lurve that stuff. It's soft & stretchy and makes me want to roll around in bins of it. I finished the front, back & sides only to discover I didn't like it. But I could NOT bring myself to rip it out. I worked the ribbing on the back while I was in labor with Declan. Those are my memories trapped in the stitches. I couldn't just trash them. So I decided I didn't like it because it was too long and took a bit out to make them shorter. I just blocked it last night and today I'll seam it up and make myself like it no matter what. Even if it just gets to hang in my closet for years & years. One day I'll pull it out and show Declan the stitches I made when he was about to make his grand entrance.

Because he's really gonna care.


  • At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Ryan said…

    How could I not come over here and leave a comment? ;-)

    Declan is a cutie, but your story about naptime makes me SO glad I never had any children. It's doggies and kitties all the way for me!

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    Oh Declan, you little turkey, you've got to take a nap so your mama doesn't go insane!


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