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Friday, September 02, 2005

Abra Cadabra

And I reappear.

I'm just going to come right out and say it....I snapped. I haven't knit in ooohhh, well, since my last post. I'm not quite sure what happened, just one day I had NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to pick up any knitting needles, yarn, or other such paraphernalia. I know there are a thousand heroin addicts out there who would LOVE to wake up and find such a thing happened to them, but you all are shrinking in the corner right now thinking "that will NEVER happen to me." I'm here to tell you, it can, and it just might.

It really freaked the hubby out at first. He kept looking at me sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing but watching tv, reading & eating dinner....and finally burst out "you're freaking me out! Start, I don't know, wiggling around your yarn...or SOMETHING. Please just do SOMETHING."

And I can't.

The kiddo has a week of vacation from school before he starts kindergarten. For those of us that actually have our kids in a daycare/school because we work are a little put out, but the grandparents really stepped up and volunteered to take him on. It's a great arrangement for all of us, really. He loves them to death, and begs to go visit them constantly, they have a great time with him, and me and the hubby get a little child-free time. Ahhhhh.....

And then I miss him like crazy. He called right after we dropped him off at my mom's, sounding the saddest I've ever heard him. "Mom, I really just want you, I miss you already, and I just really, really love you. And miss you" And here I am sitting at my desk at work, wanting to bawl because I miss him like crazy too. I was sad all day, thinking he must be missing me, when I get another call from him later that evening.

"Ya, mom. Hi. I'm all better. And I had a cookie. And I'm all better. Bye!!"

So much for the warm fuzzies. His other grandma took him out shopping, her favorite hobby, and got him all snazzed up for kindergarten clothes. I was rebelling going "back to school clothes shopping" because that would mean he was all grown up. I mean I remember going school clothes shopping, and he's not that big yet. So he called the next day and proceeded to ask me "Mom, what do you think of the yellow letters that go down the side of these pants? Do you think they're cool?" He still hasn't gotten over the idea that you can't actually SEE over the phone. I kept saying I'll let him know when I see him, but he was so insistent that I say I THINK IT'S COOL I finally gave in a did so.

And then he went back to his cookie.

I so wish I was that easy to please. And that I would like knitting again.

Send positive thoughts.


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  • At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Jodi said…

    Yay - glad you are back!!

  • At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Jodi said…

    Uh, and how LAME is that other comment! As if YOU need to lose weight!!

  • At 5:27 AM, Anonymous Debbi said…

    lol!! I agree Jodi, funny comment.

    Sam, I feel the same about michael starting school. We did some clothes shopping, but I couldn't get into it.

    Best of luck to both of you next week! Take pictures. I am sure you will start knitting again when life calms down.

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