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Friday, May 27, 2005

Work is for the Birds. I mean Bugs.

So yesterday as I'm leaving work I notice black dots on all the papers surrounding the flowers on my desk. I'm thinking holy cow that everything bagel went crazy, when I realize they're moving. Thats right. THEY'RE FREAKING BUGS. Itty bitty black bugs. In my profound laziness I though maybe they'd just go away if I left them. So I went on my merry way.

Get in this morning and do my yawn and stretch when I see black dots all over. EW EW EW. Remember those awful days in September in middle school? You know, where there's the one lone fly buzzing around and you're scared to death it will choose your desk to land on? That people will think that means your desk must be dirty and hence you must be dirty? Oh, I loathed that fly. Go away fly and find some other nice CLEAN respectable person's desk to land on.

So I quietly pick up the vase and throw the flowers away in the garbage can in the supply room. End of bug invasion, right? HA. Think again. I go back in there to refill my water when I notice coffee grounds all over the garbage can lid. And the water cooler. And the boxes surrounding the garbage can. And they're all moving. Time to fess up and call in the backups.

Windex does wonders on bugs. Mission completed.


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