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Monday, February 05, 2007

Technology loves me

Or better yet, it loves the new usb cord we're using. I guess the old one was from around 1982. Possibly 1983. We just got a new camera for christmas and for a while it was very happy to download the pictures onto the computer. And then one day when I plugged it in a message popped up saying it couldn't recognize the device, and if it keeps happening to get a new device. Riiiigghhhttt. Like me plop down another $300 just so you can see the damn device.

Anyway, my technology loving hubby tried plugging the camera into everything with a hard drive we own (which is many) and on every singe one of them it offered the helpful advice to get a new device. So we tried the cheapest fix, a new usb cord. And now the camera and computer love each other again.

So here is the long awaited picture of my hand dyed handspun:

And here is what I made with it:

I looked all over the internet to find a copy of the pattern to buy, but couldn't find it. So instead I printed out this picture
and used it as my guide. I'm just about finished with the second one and the pattern has been reduced to chicken scratch, but I declare my efforts a success. If I did it again I'd use smaller beads, but I started it when we were snowed in the house and I couldn't convince the hubby that smaller beads were worth risking life & limb for. We later decided the Starbucks down the hill WAS worth it, and consequently got stuck on the hill. Heh. We probably deserved it.


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