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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two thumbs up

Only half a day late, not bad for me. And I even have a great excuse. I couldn't find the necessary black shirt. The one that glides over my chest and hides the mummy tummy. I even did laundry in my desperate search only to discover it on the floor in my closet hiding among the yarn. When we decided Declan needed to move into his own room because everytime we breathed he'd wake up I had to give up my yarn stash space. But it had do go somewhere, so I stuffed it into my closet. And by stuffed, I mean it holds up my shirts. Who need hangers & a rod when you can just lay them on top of piles of yarn? Very cushy.

But anyway, back to my Pink Fling. I love it. It's tight, but not too tight, the sleeves hit in the right spot and it has just the perfect curve to it. I'm still debating adding a button to the front. I keep hearing Stacy & Clinton's voice in my head...."Lock & Load." And god knows I've got a chest that needs locked & loaded. What do you think? Lock & load or hang loose?

It gets two thumbs up from Drake.

Before you make any harsh judgements about the hair, let me explain. I've fought the curly hair my entire life. I forced my mom to blowdry it straight from the time I could talk. I have vivid memories of poor mom hunched over me trying to get my masses of curls straight, while I screamed because I saw a kink. I had the book "Curly Girl" recommended to me, and I wasn't sure whether to be offended because they thought I needed a serious hair intervention, or be happy because they thought I had great possibility. I'm seriously hoping it was the latter. That's what I'm telling myself. The book says give it three weeks before making any judgements and I'm on week 1.5. Halfway there. I'm still not sure about it, but let me tell you, my mornings are much better. I've always hated taking a shower knowing the next half hour will be consumed with a loud dryer blasting at my head. And the thing scared the crap out of poor Declan. The first time I turned it on with him in the room his eyes got wide & round, the lip dropped and he screamed like a banshee. I think he thought it was going to eat him. Or at least have a little nibble.

It's a personal thing though, getting over my fear of the curls. Letting myself believe that curly can be just as sophisticated and pretty as straight. I can have 100 people tell me my hair looks great curly, but inside I keep thinking "Yes, but wouldn't it look better straight?"

After my last post, I thought long and hard about what I was missing. And I realized what I'm missing is me. ME. It is so easy to get caught up in being a mom, a friend, a wife, a housekeeper extraordinare, and life gets to be all about working, and cooking and making sure there's the extra gallon of milk in the fridge so we don't run out. Because that would be terrible, wouldn't it? Running out of milk = end of the world. Just ask Drake.

It's so easy to let all those things catch up to me in one big ball and envelop me, take me captive. It's so easy to let my life revolve around everyone else, making sure Drake has his organic peanut butter so he doesn't have to buy that terrible school lunch. Making sure the hubby has clean gym clothes, even if it means I don't have a bra to wear because I didn't put a load of my own clothes in. I'm running in circles for other people and I don't know where to find myself in that circle. It scares me.

It's so hard to find the balance though. When I do leave the kids with the hubby for a fifteen minute shopping trip to buy the precious milk I feel guilty. Why? I don't know. I need to figure it out though, because it's going to eat me alive. So I took my first step today and told the hubby I want to join the gym. I'll go when the kids are still in dreamland and the hubby hasn't gone to work yet. I need to make some "me" time, and that's the best way I know how right now. Put on some spandex and go pass out on a treadmill. I figure the worst thing that could come out of it is that I'll finally loose the last five pounds of Declan weight.

Declan approves.


  • At 10:47 PM, Anonymous tiennie said…

    Looks beautiful on you!

    You should have your "me time". You definitely deserve it!

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Katy said…

    That shrug is too cute. Is it your pattern? If yes, you should submit it somewhere!
    And--as someone with wavy hair--I say go with the curly. And go for the "mommy time" as well; you need to find some knitting friends and have knit nights!

  • At 9:41 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    Pink Fling is v. cute just as it is. And this comes from someone who truly understands the concept and necessity of "lock and load". heh.

    I love curly hair, but the grass is always greener...

    Finally, I *so* get your whole commentary on losing yourself in the whirlwind of doing. Good for you for joining the gym. Not only will you get some "me" time, but you'll feel great, too! I should do the same...


  • At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Debbi said…

    The Pink Fling is beautiful! Leave it just like it is!

    And your hair looks great curly, of course I am jealous since mine is straight and I always wanted curly hair.

    Enjoy your "me time". We all need but for some reasons as moms we forget. A few girls at work get together every few weeks to knit and it is great.


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