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Friday, March 09, 2007

Curly girl no more

Yesterday, in a valiant attempt to burn our beloved house to ashes, I left my straightening iron plugged in and turned on. All day. 16 hours. Everytime I walked up into my room I thought I smelled burning, but because I've had sinus problems for the past five months I thought it was the smell of my own snot. The hubby was the one to finally sniff around enough to figure it out. I am left with a straightening iron whose plates are permanently branded with old hair gel & straightening goop. Yes, I've given up on being a curly girl. No, not with having the occasional curly day, but to be a true curly girl you have to commit to curly hair. Every damn day. I'm just not there yet. Yesterday was my first straight day in two weeks and Declan did a double take when I came out of the bathroom. He reached one little hand up and carefully stroked my hair. I think he likes it.

He has been loving life lately, four teeth came in all at once and he is back to his happy smiley self. With a bit more bite. His favorite activity now is to stealthily crawl across the the room to the hapless victim sitting on the floor. In one quick motion he pulls the shirt up, hunches over, and takes a bite. Yum. He thinks it's hysterical to watch us scream and wriggle, trying to get away from those sharp choppers. I try so hard to look at him very serious like and tell him in a firm voice - NO! He sees right through it though and dares to laugh in my face. He knows I'm a sucker for that smile.

He's also walking.....with a little help.

Sing it with me "We all need a little help from our friends....we get by with a little help from our friends.....we get high with a little help from our friends." Ahem. Right. Anyway, except for when Drake accidentally ran over his finger with the thing, he is loving it. He hasn't quite figured out how to turn yet, so he does straight shots across the living room, running into something, and waiting patiently for one of us to come and turn him around.

I have finished this:

Drake immediately ordered one for himself. Not, I believe, because he likes it that much, but because Dec has one he thinks he deserves one also.

And so it begins.

It's my own raglan pattern knit in Dale of Norway Baby Ull, size 2 needles. Yes, I am crazy.

Holy mother of god. I left the curling iron on again. Maybe I should rethink the curly girl.


  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous tiennie said…

    Ahh, too cute! I'd be a sucker for that smile too!

    Great sweater!

  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger goodkarma said…

    Yay for Declan! Teeth! Walking! Woot! Could that boy be any cuter?

  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Debbi said…

    Sam, he is adorable! And you sound like me with curling irons, that is my fear-leaving them on. :-)


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