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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who am I kidding?

No. Don't ask. I still haven't figured it out yet myself. I mean I know I'm not that interesting, and soooo not Yarn Harlot or Mossy Cottage Knits worthy. My life is.not.interesting. Unless you count a four year old, one crazy Shih Tzu doggie, a fabulous guy...and....well....hours sitting in front of the tv knitting. Doesn't that just sound exciting? Throw a few margarita's in the mix and that's my life. Oh, and did I mention I'm an accountant? Oh, yes. I am. Don't go running all at once. You might make blogger just decide to turn me off before I even get started.

My excitement for the day yesterday? Getting yelled at on 405 because I am knitting while driving. And yes, it IS TOO very safe. My eyes never leave the road. Well, except for very brief intervals, like when I pull out a needle without looking thinking it's my free one. And it's not. So I have to steer with my knee trying to get 22 itsy bitsy stitches back on a 2 dpn. VERY SAFE I TELL YOU. So some big meanie happened to look over just as I was getting my last few stitches back on. And because it is close to a zillion degrees in Seattle right now both of our windows were down. And he YELLED at me. YELLED....."Put down the goddamn yarn and drive lady."

He obviously doesn't have a wife who knits. And he's lucky if he has a wife at all. Jerk. And who needs to have free hands when you're only moving at 20 mph anyway? Knee driving is perfect.


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